Terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in booking a cruise with Aurora Liveaboard.Please take your time to carefully read the following terms and conditions. By confirming your booking, you accept and agree to our terms and conditions. 


1.1 Inclusions

Transfer from airport to MSY Aurora and back to the nearest airport only (according to cruise destination). Accommodation in a double-bed or twin-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom, toilet and AC. Full board including meals and all soft drinks on board (excluding beer, spirits, wine) Daily three dives during the day plus one night-dive, subject to weather conditions and cruise (Depending time of arrival, no diving on 1st day ; no diving on day of departure). 12L Tank, belt, weights and diving guide. Multilingual guides on board (Europeans and Indonesians)Land excursions, according to the cruise itinerary

1.2 Exclusions

Fuel surcharge and port fees per pax: 200 USD / pers for Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, North Maluku, Alor, Forgotten Islands and for Komodo fuel surcharge is applied of port of departure or arrival is Bali. For Komodo cruises, no fuel surcharge applies if the port of departure and arrival is Labuan Bajo. We retain the right to increase the fuel surcharge when the general gas price increase makes this necessary.National Park Fees and Contributions to villages: 130 USD/pers Raja Ampat, 20 USD/day for Komodo and 95 USD/pers for Alor, Banda Sea and 155 USD /Pers  forgotten Islands. Note: These fees are subject to change without prior notice and new fees could be introduced at any time.NITROX supplement (see price list)Scuba diving courses (see price list) Diving and snorkeling gearBeer, wine and spiritsSouvenirs, laundry, massage service on board, use of satellite phone Tips for crew: highly appreciated.


2.1 Deposit for individuals bookings 

All reservations must be made by electronic mail, if possible with the appropriate form that can be downloaded on https://indonesia.dune-network.com/en/home and state the cruise date to which the reservation refers, the number of berths required, all passenger names and any special requirements. All prices published on the website are meant as cash prices, respectively when money is wired via bank transfer.A deposit of 30% of the total price per person has to be transferred upon booking to the Bank Account of Aurora Liveaboard (payment details in Clause 13) no later than 7 days after the date of reservation. If this booking fee is not received within the stated period of time, your reservation is nullified and we cannot guarantee you that your required berths will be available for your desired cruise. 


Payment of the balance must be made to your travel agent or directly to Aurora Liveaboard as following:
  • Upon booking: 30% of the cruise price
  • 91 days prior to departure date: remaining 70% of the cruise price

If full payment of the balance is not received by this date, Aurora Liveaboard can cancel the booking and enforce the cancellation policy as set out in Clause 5


Full payment has to be made to Aurora Liveaboard upon booking if the reservation is made less than 91 days prior to departure. Please refer to the payment details in Clause 13.


5.1 General

If an agent or individual guest has to cancel or change a reservation in any way, it has to be done by electronic mail to Aurora Liveaboard to the following address: 

Aurora Liveaboard
Dune Atlantis
Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai #96E
80228 Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 (0) 812-367-810-65 (office in Bali)
E-Mail: info@auroraliveaboard.com

5.2 Amendment fees 

An administrative charge of 40 USD will be charged if any changes are made to your booking 121 days or less prior to the date of departure. Changing of a cruise date will be treated as cancellation and new booking of a cruise. The date that Aurora Liveaboard receives the alterations to your booking by electronic mail or fax transmission will be the date used to determine whether a fee will be charged or not. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day will count.

5.3 Cancellation fees 

If the reservation is cancelled more than 120 days prior to the departure date, a cancellation fee of 135 USD per person per booking will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount returned or credited against any future bookings

The date Aurora Liveaboard receives a cancellation of the booking by electronic mail or fax transmission will be the date used to determine whether a fee will be charged or not. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day will count

5.3.1 Cancellation policy for individual bookings

The following cancellation fees are charged for cancellations within 120 days or less prior to departure:
·       120 – 91 days prior to departure:   30% of the cruise price
·       90 – 60 days prior to departure:    50% of the cruise price
·       59 – 0 days prior to departure:      100% of the cruise price

5.4 Travel cancellation insurance

It is highly recommended for all customers to have a travel cancellation insurance.

5.5 Substitute Passengers

If for any reason a passenger cannot make a trip that has already been booked, the reservation can be transferred to another person. The new passenger will be subject to the contract conditions of Aurora Liveaboard. Passenger substitution will be allowed up to 3 days, or less depending on the cruise, prior to the day of departure. Aurora Liveaboard takes no responsibility for changes to any bookings not made by Aurora Liveaboard on behalf of the passenger (i.e. air tickets, hotel reservation etc.). A fee will be charged pursuant to Clause 5.2. 

5.6 Scuba diving and travel insurance

We highly recommend for all guests to have a travel insurance. A scuba diving insurance is mandatory for all divers.


6.1 Number of passengers

The maximum number of passengers is 16 plus 2 children in 8 cabins (3x twin-beds, 3x couple-beds, 2x couple-beds plus 1 single bed) for non-diving cruises. For diving cruises, depending the itinerary, the maximum number of passengers will be 14 to 16 divers.

6.2 Published Rates

As set out in separate publication.

6.3 Schedules and Itineraries

All scheduled cruises can be booked as full-boat charters. Some changes regarding the original itinerary, planning or nights are allowed with the prior agreement of Aurora Liveaboard. 

6.4 Unscheduled Full Boat Charter Destinations and Itineraries

If the charter is booked to sail outside the scheduled cruise itinerary or to another area, the following terms are applicable: 
·       A charter deposit has to be paid as set out in Clause 6.5
·       A mobilization / demobilization fee will be added to the total cost of the cruise depending on location. The price of this fee dependents on the location of the charter and will be given to the client prior to the due date of the deposit
·       All domestic airfares and transportation costs will be paid by the customer at the published rate.

6.5 Charter Deposit Individual Bookings

30% of the total price as non-refundable deposit will be charged. Payment of the deposit must be made within 7 days after the booking date. Payment details as set out in Clause 13.

6.6 Payment Schedule

·       Upon booking: 30% of the total amount. This amount is non-refundable
·       91 days prior to cruise departure: full payment of the remaining amount (70%)
·       If the reservation is cancelled 91 days or less prior to departure, no payments will be refunded 

6.7 Charter Deposit and Payment Schedule for Tour Operators

Total price is calculated based on  14 paying guests (diver’s rate) according the planning and regarding the following conditions:
·       10% deposit at the moment of booking
·       Further 15% within 180 days from the date of cruise departure
·       Further 25% more within 91 days from the date of cruise departure
·       Total balance (50%) within 60 days from the date of cruise departure

Maximum release time: 180 days

In case of cancellation before 180 days, the deposit will be returned, except a 5% penalty for administrative costs.

Other penalties for cancellation:
·       From 180 to 91 days prior departure:       25%
·       From 90 to 60 days prior departure:        50%
·       Less than 60 days prior departure:          100%


7.1 Changes before the booking confirmation

Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to make alterations and changes to brochure information, service descriptions and prices in the brochures and pricelists at any time before the time of booking. Should the necessity arise, Aurora Liveaboard will inform the agent or individual client prior to entering the contract. The booking shall be confirmed and effective once Aurora Liveaboard receives the deposit. 

7.2 Price changes after the contract has been entered

In rare circumstances, it is possible that prices must be increased. The circumstances under which this may occur are as follows:

1.    Increases in transportation costs (including fuel costs)
2.    Increases in state taxes and duties (i.e. embarkation/disembarkation fees, sales taxes 
3.    Currency fluctuations.

Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to raise the agreed price up to 45 days prior to departure.

7.3 Itinerary and service changes after booking and before departure

Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to change the itinerary and particular services if required due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. Aurora Liveaboard will make every effort to offer equivalent alternatives of a comparable standard. Aurora Liveaboard will inform the agent or individual client of such changes as soon as possible and the effect they will have on the price.


8.1 Cancellation for reasons caused by the customer

Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to cancel a booking if actions of the customer’s part give justifiable cause to do so. In such instance, Aurora Liveaboard will refund any payments already made according to the conditions as set out in clause 5.3. Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to disembark a guest not respecting the rules on board, others guests or the staff. No refund or compensation will be due.Further claims against Aurora Liveaboard will not be entertained.  

8.2 Force Majeure and unpredictable acts of man

Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to cancel a trip for reasons of Force Majeure (i.e. natural disasters, epidemics etc.) or unavoidable acts of man (i.e. war, riots, strikes etc.). In case of, Aurora Liveaboard will inform you as soon as possible and will refund the deposit without any type of compensation.

8.3 Trip cancellation by Aurora Liveaboard for other reasons

If the passenger number is less than 6 passengers, Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to cancel a trip latest 91 days before departure and will refund the deposit without any type of compensation. Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to cancel a trip for other reasons that are unavoidable and will inform the customer as soon as possible and will refund the deposit without any type of compensation.


If Aurora Liveaboard deems it necessary to change an itinerary and the number of dives during a trip (i.e. due to weather, sea, governmental conditions etc.), Aurora Liveaboard will not refund the cruise price and no type of compensation can be claimed on the price of the cruise.


Damages resulting from illness, personal injuries or death which may be sustained by reason of, or while engaged on, any trip whether due to the ownership, maintenance, use, operation or control of any aircraft, helicopter, automobile, bicycle, boat, vehicle, hotel, common carrier or any other conveyance used in carrying out these trips. Aurora Liveaboard assumes no liability due to any cause whatsoever whether caused by failure or delay or other irregularity, acts or omissions occurring during a trip under which the means of transportation or other service provided thereby is offered or supplied by owners, operators or public carriers for and on behalf of Aurora Liveaboard. Aurora Liveaboard shall not be responsible for any injury to person (whether or not resulting in death) or damage to property arising out of any act of war, insurrection, revolt or other civil uprising or military action occurring in the countries of origin, destination or passage. In case of a medical problem arising during the voyage, either on board or on shore, which results in costs for evacuation, use of aircraft or repatriation, the responsibility for payment of these costs belongs solely to the passenger.


Aurora Liveaboard does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to guests’ personal belongings that are due to Force Majeure causes (refer to Clause 8.2).


By forwarding the deposit, the agent or individual guest certifies that the passenger does not have any mental, physical or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other passengers. Aurora Liveaboard reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any person as a member of the tour at any time.


Payment by bank transfer: (transfer fees are to be paid by the debtor)Please contact us to get all the bank details for the deposit and payment:info@auroraliveaboard.com
Thank you to send us your full contact information (full name, address, email and phone number) and to insert requested cruise number in the transfer details. Once your transfer is made, please send us the justification to monitor the proper implementation thereof.